i6000 Systems

BioGenex i6000 systems are high-throughput staining systems that offer efficient and cost effective solution with unsurpassed quality, consistency and reliability in cell and tissue-based staining. The systems are capable of staining 200 slides in 8 hours and available in two models (Infinity and Diagnostics). i6000 Infinity is a multi-functional system that is designed to accelerate life sciences research and drug discovery and development by performing multiplex IHC, ISH, IF and special stains assays. i6000 Diagnostics is a multiplex IHC system that is ideal for clinical pathology laboratories.

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  Diagnostics Infinity*
Intended Use IVD RUO
Automation Semi Semi
Slide Capacity 60 60
Throughput (8 hours) 200 slides 200 slides
Software Closed Closed
Protocol Pre-loaded Pre-loaded /Self-developed/Customized
Barcode Reader N/A
Special Stains N/A
* i6000 Infinity can only perform IHC, ISH, SS (Special Stains) or IF (Immuno-fluorescence) assays in a single run