FUS Dual Color Break Apart Probe

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Translocations involving the chromosomal region 16p11.2 harboring the FUS gene (a.k.a. TLS, FUS/TLS, hnRNP P2) has affinity to eFISH FUS Dual Color Break Apart Probe. The FUS gene encodes an RNA-binding protein, the C-terminal end of which is involved in protein and RNA binding and which appears to be involved in transcriptional activation with its N-terminal end. It shares distinct characteristics with EWSR1 and TAF15 which together with FUS are frequently referred to as the FET family of proteins. The use of eFISH FUS Dual Color Break Apart Probe along with appropriate filters produces orange and green signal for hybridization regions of chromosomal region 16p11.2. Normal interphase cells or cells without 16p11.2 translocation, two orange/two green fusion signals appear. In regions where 16p11.2 is affected by translocation, one separate green signal and one separate orange signal are observed.
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