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  1. Anti-ABCC3

  2. Anti-Aberrant Endothelial Cell, Clone 4A11

    AM382-5M MU382-UC AX382-YDC Learn More
  3. Anti-ACTH, Clone AH26

    AM487-5M MU487-UC AM487-10M AX487-YCD Learn More
  4. Anti-Actin, Clone 1A4

    AM128-5M MU128-UC AM128-10M AX128-YCD Learn More
  5. Anti-Actin, Muscle-specific, Clone HHF35

    AM090-5M MU090-UC AM090-10M AX090-YCD Learn More
  6. Anti-Adenovirus

  7. Anti-ALK/p80

  8. Anti-Alpha Actinin, Clone JLN20

    AM097-5M MU097-UC AX097-YCD Learn More
  9. Anti-Alpha-1-Antichymotrypsin, Clone a1A88

    AM388-5M MU388-UC AX388-YCD Learn More
  10. Anti-Alpha-1-Antitrypsin, Polyclonal

    AR015-5R PU015-UP AW015-YCD Learn More
  11. Anti-Alpha-Fetoprotein, Clone C3

    AM008-5M MU008A-UC AM008-10M AX008-YCD Learn More
  12. Anti-Androgen Receptor, Clone F39.4.1

    AM256-2M MU256-UC AM256-10M Learn More
  13. Anti-B-Cell, Clone MB2

    AM158-5M MU158-UC AM158-10M AX158-YCD Learn More
  14. Anti-Bax Protein, Polyclonal

    AR347-5R PU347-UP AW347-YCD Learn More
  15. Anti-BCA-225, Clone CU18

    AM135-5M AM135-10M AX135-YCD Learn More
  16. Anti-bcl-2 Oncoprotein, Clone bcl-2/100

    AM287-5M MU287-UC AM287-10M AX287-YCD Learn More
  17. Anti-Bcl-2α

  18. Anti-Bcl-x

  19. Anti-Beta-hCG, Clone M94138

    AM395-5M MU395-UC AX395-YCD Learn More
  20. Anti-bFGF, Clone bFGF88

    AM359-5M AX359-YCD Learn More
  21. Anti-BLA-36, Clone A27-42

    AM231-5M MU231-UC AM231-10M AX231-YCD Learn More
  22. Anti-BRCA1 Protein, Polyclonal

    AR345-5R PU345-UP AW345-YCD Learn More
  23. Anti-c-erbB-2 (Her-2/neu), Clone CB11

    AM134-5M MU134-UC MU134-5UC AX134-50D AM134-10M AX134-YCD Learn More
  24. Anti-c-erbB-3 (HER-3), Clone RTJ1/A2

    AM319-5M MU319-UC AX319-YCD Learn More
  25. Anti-c-myc Protein, Clone 9E10

    AM318-5M MU318-UC AX318-YCD Learn More
  26. Anti-CA125, Clone Ov185:1

    AM429-5M MU429-UC AM429-10M AX429-YCD Learn More
  27. Anti-CA19-9, Clone C241:5:1:4

    AM424-5M MU424-UC AM424-10M AX424-YCD Learn More
  28. Anti-Caldesmon

  29. Anti-Caldesmon HMW, Clone h-CD

    AM332-5M MU332-UC AX332-YCD Learn More
  30. Anti-Calponin, Clone CALP

    AM333-5M MU333-UC AX333-YCD Learn More
  31. Anti-Calponin-1

  32. Anti-Calretinin

  33. Anti-Calretinin, Clone 2E7

    AM583-5M MU583-UC AM583-10M AX583-YCD Learn More
  34. Anti-Calretinin, Polyclonal

    AR413-5R PU413-UP AR413-10R AW413-YCD Learn More
  35. Anti-Carcinoembryonic Antigen, Clone B01-94-11M-P

    AM009-5M MU009-UC AM009-10M AX009-YCD Learn More
  36. Anti-Carcinoembryonic Antigen, Clone CEA88

    AM365-5M MU365-UC AM365-10M AX365-YCD Learn More
  37. Anti-Carcinoembryonic Antigen, Polyclonal

    AR009-5R AW009-YCD Learn More
  38. Anti-Catenin Delta 1 (P120), Polyclonal

    AR706-5R PU706-UP AR706-10R AW706-YCD Learn More
  39. Anti-Cathepsin D, Clone C15

    AM467-5M MU467-UC AX467-YCD Learn More
  40. Anti-CD10, Clone 56C6

    AM451-5M MU451-UC AM451-10M AX451-YCD Learn More

Items 1 to 50 of 369 total

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