Detection Systems

Detection Systems & Chromogens

  • For Manual Staining:

           Detection Kits for 50 tests (50 µl/test) contain ready to use (RTU) reagents in drop bottles.

  • For Xmatrx Automation:

            Xmatrx Elite/Ultra: Detection kits + Antigen retrieval, for 100 tests (40 µl/test) contain RTU reagents in RFID tagged vials.


ISH - Detection Systems

Product 50 tests Manual/XmatrxInfinity 100 tests Xmatrx Elite

ISH - Substrates and Chromogens Packs – Manual & Open system**

Product 250 tests 500 tests
Elegance RedN/AHK144-5KE
New FuchsinN/AHK183-5KE
Two-component DABN/AN/A