i6000 Elite Dx (Clinical Platform)

i6000 Elite Dx is a multiplex IHC system that is adaptable, efficient, productive and profitable for clinical sample testing in molecular pathology laboratories. It is a high-throughput system with staining capacity of 200 slides in 8 hours (60 slides in 3 hours) using barcoded slides and reagent vials to minimize hands-on time and data entry errors. The system has a predictable cost structure and short learning curve to enhance cross training and personnel rotation. We have optimized more than 300 protocols with our ready-to-use reagents for i6000 Elite Dx to assure clean, intense and reproducible staining results.

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Features and Benefits

  • High capacity: 60 slides and 53 antibodies per run
  • Wide reagent dispense volumes: 100 µL to 900 µL
  • Advanced XYZ robotics with slide carriers and reagent racks for quick setup
  • Liquid level sensor for accurate reagent dispensing
  • Multi-format specimen analysis including frozen and FFPE tissues, cell preparations, smears and fine needle aspirates (FNAs)
  • Multiple slide processing options - Random, Continuous and STAT
  • Real time audio and visual alerts
  • Customized or standard reports for inventory management and regulatory compliance
  • Optional LIS connectivity


Performance Parameters Specifications
Slide Capacity 60 (12 slides/rack; 5 racks)
Reagent Capacity 60 (30 vials/rack; 2 racks)
Reagent Dispense Volumes Increment of 50 µL (100 µL to 400 µL) Increment of 100 µL (400 µL to 900 µL)
Software System Factory-optimized closed protocols and option for user-defined protocols
Barcode Reader Yes
Dimensions D: 24 in/61 cm; W: 40.5 in/102.8 cm: H: 18.5 in /47 cm
Bulk Reagent Carboy 1 (Volume: 4 L per carboy)
Waste Container 1 (Volume: 20 L per container)
DI Water Container 1 (Volume: 10 L per container)
Weight 130 lb/59 kg
Operating Temperature 18°C to 28.5°C (64°F to 80.5°F)
Electrical Requirements 110 V or 230 V (50 Hz or 60 Hz)
Software Proprietary BioGenex software running on Microsoft Windows XP