Order Processing Questions

How much will I be charged for shipping?
BioGenex charges its customers the actual shipping cost.

What is the total cost of my order?
The total cost of your order will be the product cost plus actual shipping cost which will be provided at the time of shipment.

I am paying by credit card. Why is the amount ‘authorized’ to my credit card is greater than the product cost?
For credit card purchases, BioGenex pre-authorizes the cost of the product plus $125 for small orders or 25% of the product cost for large orders. The amount that you will actually be charged will be the product cost plus actual shipping cost which is determined at the time of shipment.

Why is there a difference between the ‘authorized’ shipping cost and the ‘actual’ shipping cost?
Until your products are carefully packed by our shipping associates and ready for shipment, BioGenex does not have the exact size and weight of the shipment. The ‘authorized’ shipping cost is always more than the ‘actual’ shipping cost. BioGenex does not charge its customers any extra shipping above the actual shipping costs charged by the carrier.

Can I get an estimate of the actual shipping costs now?
Yes! Please call or email to the BioGenex Customer Service team for your personalized shipping estimate.

Is your system able to automatically generate a shipping estimate?
BioGenex is developing a proprietary Shipping Calculator which will immediately calculate the lowest cost shipping method and provide you with the actual shipping cost at the time the order is placed. We will be rolling this out to our customers soon to reduce the time, cost and complexity of shipping.