AML1/ETO Dual Color Dual Fusion Probe

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Tissue section with translocation affecting the AML1/ETO locus as indicated by one separate orange signal one separate green signal and two orange/green fusion signals.

eFISH AML1/ETO Dual Color Dual Fusion Probe hybridized to normal interphase cells as indicated by two orange and two green signals in each nucleus.

Specific translocation involving the chromosomal region 21q22 harboring the AML1 (a.k.a. RUNX1) gene and the chromosomal region 8q22 harboring the ETO (a.k.a. RUNX1T1, CBF2T1) gene has affinity to eFISH AML1/ETO Dual Color Fusion Probe The use of eFISH AML1/ETO dual color probe in interphase and normal chromosome where there is no translocation produces two green and two orange signals separately. Where as in regions where translocation is indicated the signals appear as two green/orange fusion signals in additions to a separate single green and orange signal.
Intended Use: RUO