Anti-Cytokeratin, Clone LL002+DEK-10+RCK108+OV-TL12/30+C11

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Breast Carcinoma stained with Anti- CK88 using DAB chromogen

Human cytokeratins, a family of water-insoluble polypeptides, form the major part of the cytoskeleton in all normal and neoplastic epithelial cells. CK88 is a broad spectrum antibody cocktail that reacts with a variety of normal and neoplastic epithelia. It recognizes most epithelium including simple, basal, suprabasal layers, cornea, cornifying stratified epithelium of skin, transitional epithelium of urinary tract, and squamous epithelium. Analysis of intracellular keratin by immunoperoxidase technique is helpful in establishing the epithelial nature of primary or metastatic poorly differentiated neoplasms.
Intended Use: IVD