Anti-NGF Receptor, Clone EP1039Y

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Neurotrophins signal cell survival, differentiation, growth cessation, and apoptosis through two classes of cell surface receptors, the Trks and NGF Receptor (p75NTR). p75NTR, when activated in the absence of a strong Trk signal, induces apoptosis of neurons, while in the presence of Trk it enhances responses to neurotrophin . p75NTR, when it is not bound by NGF, may play a role in neuronal selection during embryonic development and suggest that neuroblastomas may arise from immature neuroblasts that escape programmed cell death. Therefore, the loss of p75NTR expression in developing neural crest cells might be a primary event in the genesis of neuroblastoma . It has also been suggested that neuronal death in Alzheimer's disease is mediated, at least in part, by the interaction of beta-amyloid with p75NTR, and suggest new targets for therapeutic intervention .
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