COL1A1 Dual Color Break Apart Probe

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(20 tests(RTU))

Tissue section with amplification of the 17q21-qter and 22q10–q13.1 sequences probably due to a COL1A1-PDGFB fusion product on the ring chromosome.

Tissue section with translocation affecting the 17q21 locus as indicated by one non-rearranged orange/green fusion signal, one orange signal, and one separate green signal indicating the translocation.

The specific translocations involving the chromosomal region 17q21 harboring the COL1A1 (a.k.a. OI4) gene has affinity by eFISH COL1A1 Dual Color Break Apart Probe. The use of eFISH COL1A1 Dual Color Break Apart Probe along with appropriate filters produces orange and green signal for hybridization regions of 17q21. Normal interphase cells or cells without 17q21 translocation, two orange/two green fusion signals appear. In regions where 17q21 is affected by translocation, one separate green signal and one separate orange signal are observed.
Intended Use: RUO