ETV6 Dual Color Break Apart Probe

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Tissue section of the salivary glands with translocation of the ETV6 gene as indicated by one non-rearranged orange/green fusion signal one orange and one separate green signal indicating the translocation.

eFISH ETV6 Dual Color Break Apart Probe hybridized to normal interphase cells as indicated by two orange/green fusion signals per nucleus.


Translocations involving the chromosomal region 12p13.2 [t(12;21)(p13;q22)] harboring the ETV6 (ETS variant gene 6, a.k.a. TEL) gene are seen.
eFISHETV6 Dual Color Break Apart Probe is a mixture of two direct labeled probes hybridizing to the 12p13.2 band. The green
fluorochrome direct-labeled probe hybridizes proximal and the orange fluorochrome direct-labeled probe hybridizes distal to the ETV6 gene.

Intended Use: RUO