Blocking ♦ Buffers ♦ Diluents

Blocking, Buffers & diluents

Blocking reagents - 6 or 50 ml of ready to use (RTU) solution in drop bottles, or 100 ml (10x) concentrated solution for manual use. Empty reagent vials (XT026-V24) for research platforms automation need to be purchased separately.

✓  Antibody diluents- 100 ml of ready to use (RTU) solution for antibody dilution.

✓  Buffers- 500 ml of concentrated (20x) solution for manual or automation or dried powder for preparation of 3 liter buffer.


Blocking Reagents

Product 6 mL (RTU) 50 mL (RTU)
Avidin/Biotin Blocking Kit HK102-5KEN/A
Power BlockHK083-5KHK083-50K
Protein Block / Normal Rabbit Serum (use with Goat & Rat Link)HK114-5KN/A


Product 100 mL(RTU)
Common Antibody DiluentHK156-5K
Enhanced Antibody Diluent (Ready-to-Use)HK941-YAK
Link DiluentHK165-5K
Streptavidin Peroxidase DiluentHK157-5K


Product 500 mL (20x)
Phosphate Buffered Saline HK091-9K
Super Sensitive Wash Buffer (20X Concentrated)HK583-5K
Tris BufferHK098-9K
Tris Buffer, (Wash Buffer) 3/Pack (dried Power to make 3 L) HK098-5K
XWash™ Wash Buffer (20X)N/A