Enhanced Antibody Diluent (Ready-to-Use)

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BioGenex Enhanced Antibody Diluent is formulated for the dilution of all antibodies for immunohistochemistry. The diluent contains (1) chemical compounds to enhance antigen-antibody interaction and affinity, (2) preservative to enhance stability of the diluted antibodies during storage, and (3) carrier protein to minimize loss of the diluted antibody due to adsorption to the sides of dispensers and containers.

  1. BioGenex Enhanced Antibody Diluent is a ready-to-use solution. Dilutions are given as the ratio of concentrated volume to final volume (1:100 means 1 part of concentrated antibody mixed with 99 parts of diluent).
  2. For dilutions greater than 1:100, the use of serial dilutions is recommended to improve accuracy. For example, a 1:500 dilution can be achieved by first making a 1:100 dilution of the concentrated antibody and then making a further 1:5 dilution of the 1:100 dilution.
  3. Insufficient dilution of primary antibody (i.e., antibody concentration too high) may cause false positive staining, while over-dilution (antibody concentration too low) may cause false negative staining. Different dilutions of a concentrated antibody is needed starting from the titer recommended by vendors. PRECAUTIONS Enhanced Antibody Diluent contains sodium azide at concentrations of less than 0.1%. Sodium azide is not classified as a hazardous chemical at the concentration of this product. However, toxicity information regarding sodium azide at the product’s concentration has not been thoroughly investigated. For more information, a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for sodium azide in pure form is available upon request.
Intended Use: LUO