Detection Systems

Detection Systems & Chromogens

  • For Manual Staining:

            Stand-alone Links or Labels- 6 & 50 ml of ready to use (RTU) Links or Labels in drop bottles and 5 ml of concentrated (10x) Links or Labels.

            Stand-alone Chromogens- reagents for 60 or 500 tests (100 µl/test) in drop bottles.

            Detection Kits for 60, 500 or 1000 tests (100 µl/test) contain ready to use (RTU) reagents in drop bottles. Some kits for 1000 tests that contain concentrated (20x) reagents also available. 

  • For i6000 Automation:

            Detection Kits for 200 tests (100 µl/test) contain RTU reagents in Barcode labeled vials.

  • For Xmatrx Automation:

            Xmatrx Elite/Ultra: Detection kits + Antigen retrieval, for 200 tests contain RTU reagents in RFID tagged vials.

            Xmatrx Infinity: Detection kits + Antigen retrieval, for 200 tests contain RTU reagents in 20 ml Xmatrx Infinity vials.


IHC Detection Systems - Links / Labels items-Manual

Product 5 mL(Conc.) 6 mL (RTU) 50 mL (RTU)
SS AP labelHK321-UKHK331-5KHK331-9K
SS Goat Link N/AHK337-5GN/A
SS HRP labelHK320-UKHK330-5KHK330-9K
SS Mouse Link HK325-UMHK335-5MHK335-9M
SS MultiLink (ANTI-mouse & rabbit) N/AHK340-5KHK340-9K
SS Rabbit Link HK326-URHK336-5RHK336-9R
SS Rat LinkN/AHK338-5TN/A

IHC Detection Systems - Kits - Manual

Product 60 tests 500 tests 1000 tests 1000 tests(20x Conc.)
Double Staining (αRabbit-AP/αMouse HRP)N/AQS410-YIKEN/AN/A
Double Staining (αRabbit-HRP/αMouse AP)N/AQS210-YIKEN/AN/A
MultiLink + AP labelN/AQA900-9LEN/ALA000-ULE
MultiLink + HRP labelN/AQP900-9LEQP300-XAKELP000-ULE
Super Sensitive Polymer HRP IHC Detection System, Mega VolumeN/AN/AQD440-XAKEN/A

IHC Detection Systems - Kits - i6000

Product 200 tests

IHC Detection Systems + Pretreatment kits - Xmatrx

Product 200 tests

IHC Substrates & Chromogens

Product 250 tests 500 tests 1000 tests
AEC One Step Sol.N/AHK139-50KN/A
AEC One Step Sol.N/AHK139-50KN/A
Elegance RedN/AHK144-5KEN/A
New FuchsinN/AHK183-5KEN/A
Two-component DABN/AN/AHK542-XAKE