Super Sensitive One-Step Polymer-HRP ISH Detection Kit

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Datasheet (Automation only)

Super Sensitive One-Step Polymer-HRP ISH Detection Kit

Intended Use: IVD

In situ Hybridization Detection System

in situ Hybridization (ISH) is a powerful technique for detecting and localizing specific nucleic acid sequences within cells or tissues. This is achieved by the hybridization of a labeled probe to the specific RNA/DNA sequence within the cell and subsequent detection of the bound probe. ISH technique enables the semi-quantification of mRNA expression and helps determine the temporal and spatial patterns of gene expression in cells, tissue and whole animals. ISH technique can also be used for detection of intracellular pathogens with a very high degree of sensitivity.

Super SensitiveTM (Manual) & XISH (Xmatrx) One-Step Polymer-HRP Detection System

This is a novel detection system using a non-biotin polymeric technology that makes use of Poly-HRP reagent. As the system is not based on the Biotin-Avidin System, problems associated with endogenous biotin are completely eliminated. The technology allows excellent cell penetration ability for intense staining, compared with other polymer HRPs.

Features & Benefits

  • Clean stain without endogenous biotin background
  • High signal to noise ratio for intense stain
  • Universal system for all fluorescein labeled probes
  • Available in RFID tagged (XISH kit) for automation or in drop bottles (Super Sensitive kit) for manual staining

ISH Detection Systems Composition

SKU Size α-Fluor. Antibody Polymer HRP DAB buffer DAB Chromo. Peroxide block Power block Hematox Prot. K Hybrid. buffer NAR-1 Washes A,B,E,F
DF400-25K 25 test 2 ml 2 ml 5 ml 2 ml 3 ml 3 ml 3 ml 3 ml 6 ml 2 ml 10 ml
DF400-50KE 50 test 3 ml 3 ml 10 ml 2 ml 5 ml 5 ml 5 ml 5 ml 6 ml 3 ml 20 ml
Xmatrx -Elite
100 test 5 ml 5 ml 4x5 ml + 5 RFID vials 7 ml 10 ml 10 ml 10 ml 5 ml NA 5 ml 2x10 ml


Substrates and Chromogens

BioGenex offers complete Substrate Packs for immunohistochemical staining with alkaline phosphatase and peroxidase labels. The kits are designed to reduce substrate preparation time and minimize exposure to chemical hazards. The chart below summarizes the substrates offered, indicating enzyme and standard mounting media compatibility.

Features & Benefits

  • High Resolution AEC and Liquid DAB
  • Rapid Development Time
  • Ready-to-use Solutions
  • Long-Term Stability

Chromogens / Substrates offered

Chromogen Stain Color Enzyme used Solubility in Alcohol/Xylene Compatible Mounting Media
AEC Brick Red HRP Yes Aqueous or Super Mount
DAB Brown HRP No Aqueous, Super Mount or XMount
Elegance Red Red AP No Aqueous, Super Mount or XMount
Fast Red Red AP Yes Aqueous or Super Mount
New Fuchsin Red AP Yes Aqueous or Super Mount