Downregulated in Carcinogenesis^

miRNA Probes

For Manual and Xmatrx Infinity*

✓  Probes for 25 tests (25 µl/test) are ready to use (RTU) and supplied in 2 ml vials.


* Xmatrx Infinity vial holder for 2ml vials [XT126-24V] need to be purchased separately. 

^ Based on recent publications in scientific journals

Product 5 control slides Probes, 25 tests - manual
Hsa-miR-1 FB-HM001HM001-100
Hsa-miR-101-3p FB-HM101-3PHM101-3P-100
Hsa-miR-125b FB-HM125BHM125B-100
Hsa-miR-126 FB-HM126HM126-100
Hsa-miR-1285 FB-HM1285HM1285-100
Hsa-miR-141 FB-HM141HM141-100
Hsa-miR-142 N/AHM142-100
Hsa-miR-143 FB-HM143HM143-100
Hsa-miR-144 FB-HM144HM144-100
Hsa-miR-145 N/AHM145-100
Hsa-miR-146a FB-HM146AHM146A-100
Hsa-miR-147b FB-HM147BHM147B-100
Hsa-miR-16 N/AHM16-100
Hsa-miR-187 FB-HM187HM187-100
Hsa-miR-199a FB-HM199AHM199A-100
Hsa-miR-200a FB-HM200AHM200A-100
Hsa-miR-200b FB-HM200BHM200B-100
Hsa-miR-200c FB-HM200CHM200C-100
Hsa-miR-204 FB-HM204HM204-100
Hsa-miR-205 FB-HM205HM205-100
Hsa-miR-218 FB-HM218HM218-100
Hsa-miR-335 FB-HM335HM335-100
Hsa-miR-337 N/AHM337-100
Hsa-miR-375 FB-HM375HM375-100
Hsa-miR-let-7a FB-HM007AHM007A-100
Hsa-miR-let-7c FB-HM007CHM007C-100
Hsa-miR-let-7e FB-HM007EHM007E-100
Scramble FB-PR032PR032-100
U6 FB-PR031PR031-100