EZ-AR Elegance Solutions

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(Manual/Open Sys.^ 1000 ml(RTU))
(Manual/Open Sys.^ 1000 ml(RTU))

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Most tissue samples are embedded in paraffin to aid in microtome slicing. However paraffin must be removed to allow the penetration of aqueous solutions. This involves several steps through xylene, followed by alcohol and aqueous solutions. This multistep procedure requires approximately 30 minutes of processing time. The BioGenex EZ-DeWax™ Solution saves time and increases efficiency by introducing a single reagent and step instead of two. The complete process now takes less than 10 minutes and provides both paraffin removal and rehydration with this single reagent.

Product Name Pack Size Cat. No. Datasheet MSDS Quantity
EZ-AR Elegance 1 Solution (Works at 107ºC) 200 Slides HX031-YCD Download Download
EZ-AR Elegance 2 Solution (Works at 107ºC) 200 Slides HX032-YCD Download Download
EZ-AR Elegance 3 Solution (Works at 95ºC) 200 Slides HX033-YCD Download Download
EZ-AR Elegance 4 Solution (Works at 95ºC) 200 Slides HX034-YCD Download Download

EZ-AR Elegance Solutions


The EZ-AR Elegance Solutions are designed to enable optimal dewaxing, rehydration and antigen retrieval on FFPE sections. These ready-to-use (RTU) solutions can reach temperature of 107°C without boiling, and thus prevent reagent evaporation. When used with the EZ-Retriever System or Automated Xmatrx Staining System, these solutions ensure superior reproducible results with uncompromised staining quality.

Features and Benefits

Works at 107°C without boiling

  • Minimizes reagent evaporation
  • Enhances exposure of antigenic epitopes

Eliminates enzymatic pre-treatment

  • Reduces background
  • Preserves tissue morphology

Reusable up to three times

  • Reduces material cost

Non-hazardous, non-flammable and odorless

  • Safe and eco-friendly

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