EZ-AR Elegance Solutions

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(Manual/Open Sys.^ 1000 ml(RTU))
(Manual/Open Sys.^ 1000 ml(RTU))

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Product Name Pack Size Cat. No. Datasheet MSDS Quantity
EZ-AR Elegance 1 Solution (Works at 107ºC) 200 Slides HX031-YCD Download Download
EZ-AR Elegance 2 Solution (Works at 107ºC) 200 Slides HX032-YCD Download Download
EZ-AR Elegance 3 Solution (Works at 95ºC) 200 Slides HX033-YCD Download Download
EZ-AR Elegance 4 Solution (Works at 95ºC) 200 Slides HX034-YCD Download Download

EZ-AR Elegance Solutions


The EZ-AR Elegance Solutions are designed to enable optimal dewaxing, rehydration and antigen retrieval on FFPE sections. These ready-to-use (RTU) solutions can reach temperature of 107°C without boiling, and thus prevent reagent evaporation. When used with the EZ-Retriever System or Automated Xmatrx Staining System, these solutions ensure superior reproducible results with uncompromised staining quality.

Features and Benefits

Works at 107°C without boiling

  • Minimizes reagent evaporation
  • Enhances exposure of antigenic epitopes

Eliminates enzymatic pre-treatment

  • Reduces background
  • Preserves tissue morphology

Reusable up to three times

  • Reduces material cost

Non-hazardous, non-flammable and odorless

  • Safe and eco-friendly

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