BioGenex boosts Genome Research and Diagnostics with the Launch of the Xmatrx MINI for simplified FISH, ISH, and in situ PCR analysis of histology and cytology specimens.


Fremont, CA, June 16, 2016 – Today BioGenex launches the new Xmatrx MINI system. This compact, smart, and flexible workstation is designed to simplify manual protocols for FISH, ISH, and in situ PCR (isPCR) applications. The fully equipped workstation allows for onboard processing from baking to final mounting without the need for hybridizers, forceps, coplin jars, water baths, rubber cement, PAP pens, or other special accessories. Unique technology differentiates the Xmatrx MINI from other systems on the market; with eXACT temperature control, ten independent thermocyclers, and reaction micro-chamber capability, the Xmatrx MINI is the ideal instrument for ensuring optimized antigen retrieval, hybridization, stringency washes, and PCR reactions with intense clean stains and exceptionally consistent results. To learn more about Xmatrx MINI, watch the video here.
This innovative platform is designed for efficiency and ease of use and is the intelligent choice for molecular pathology laboratories. It comes equipped with a waste management system allowing on-board washing and is bundled with an oil stamp for sealing the reaction chamber. The patented oil seal ensures even distribution of reagents, allows for minimal reagent use, and prevents the specimen from drying even at high temperatures. The eXACT programmable PCR thermal cyclers allow rapid heating and cooling up to 105°C with an accuracy of 0.5°. The small form factor minimizes benchtop space requirements. The built-in touch screen display is user-friendly and allows users to easily add, edit, and store protocols, and run up to 10 different protocols simultaneously. Time saving audio-visual alerts notify users at every step requiring manual intervention. The Xmatrx MINI specifications can be found here.
While the open system allows for compatibility with reagents from any vendor, BioGenex offers validated pre-optimized reagents and protocols with a performance guarantee. The BioGenex eFISHiency system offers a growing catalog of 70 highly specific FISH probes, visualization kits, and FISH consumables. For chromogenic ISH, BioGenex also offers a broad array of fluorescin-labeled DNA and RNA probes and advanced polymer based detection kits for accurate detection while preserving tissue morphology. A new isPCR kit for Xmatrx platforms is coming soon.
“The combination of high-quality thermal cycling and intelligent software with complete onboard processing capabilities in one small, affordable workstation is a testament to our scientific innovation and is an unparalleled achievement to enhance the capabilities of   molecular pathology laboratories with superior and consistent results.” - Dr. Kalra, CEO BioGenex.

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