BioGenex Launches Two New Antibodies for Cancer Diagnosis.

 BioGenex, a global leader and innovator in molecular pathology and cancer diagnostics, announced the release of two new antibodies for the diagnosis of cancer. The new antibodies against PMS2 (clone EP51) and CK5 (clone EP24), are rabbit polyclonal immunohistochemistry (IHC) grade antibodies and are offered together with BioGenex pre-treatment reagents, detection systems and validated protocols for crisp and intense staining. Both antibodies are available as concentrated or ready-to-use (RTU) format and are compatible with BioGenex advanced automated staining systems.

 PMS2 - PMS2 antibody is intended to aid in the classification of colorectal carcinoma. PMS2 protein is a mismatch repair endonuclease involved in DNA mismatch repair. Carriers of the mismatch repair gene mutations have a high lifetime risk of developing Hereditary Non-Polyposis Colon Cancer (HNPCC) and several other cancers including endometrial cancer due to MSI caused by accumulation of DNA replication errors in proliferating cells. Loss of PMS2 protein has been reported in colon carcinomas and PMS2 antibody in combination with MLH1 and MSH2 antibodies is helpful in diagnosis of microsatellite instability (MSI).


antibody PMS2

Figure: Colon Carcinoma stained with PMS2 (clone EP51),Staining in FFPE tisues, using DAB chromogen and BioGenex Polymer-HRP Detection System.


CK5 – Cytokeratin 5 is a basal cell marker and used as a negative indicators of malignancy. Keratins are cytoplasmic intermediate filament proteins expressed by epithelial cells. The mitotically active basal layers of most stratified squamous epithelia express 10% to 30% of their total protein as keratin. The two keratins specifically expressed in these cells are the type II keratin CK5 and its corresponding partner, type I keratin CK14, both of which are essential for the formation of 8-nm filaments. CK5 and calretinin have been useful as markers suggestive of mesothelioma. Their expression is analyzed for the histological differential diagnosis with adenocarcinomas, especially when confronting with metastatic tumors of unknown origin. CK5 labels myoepithelial cells of breast and prostate basal cells. A cocktail of CK5, CK14 and p63, has been used as a sensitive and specific basal cell marker of basal-like phenotype of breast carcinoma and to differentiate normal and prostate cancer.

Figure: Cervical Cancer stained with anti-Human CK-5 (clone EP24),Staining in FFPE tisues, using DAB chromogen and BioGenex Polymer-HRP Detection System


Both PMS2 and CK5 antibodies are available as 0.5 or 1.0 mL concentrated forms and as 5 mL ready-to-use (RTU) solution for Manual use. A 10 mL (100 tests) RTU solution is available for BioGenex i6000 Autostainer and 16 ml (200 tests) or 5 ml (50 test) RTU solutions in RFID tagged vials, are available for Xmatrx Elite.

 “We are pleased to add these two state of the art antibodies to our portfolio of more than 400 IHC antibodies, reagents and automation systems for pathologists around the world.” Said BioGenex CEO, Dr. Krishan Kalra. We guarantee the performance of our products throughout their shelf-life and are committed to providing premier after-sales support and service for complete customer satisfaction.

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