Counter Stains ♦ Mounting

Counter Stains ♦ Mounting

Counter Stains & Mounting Media Formats:

✓  Counter Stains- 6 ml in drop bottle or 250 ml bottle of ready to use (RTU) solution. Empty reagent vials (XT026-V24) for research platforms automation need to be purchased separately. 1 ml DAPI in small 2 ml vial.

✓  Mounting Media (Manual)- 15 & 50 ml of ready to use (RTU) solution in drop bottles, for manual use.

✓  Mounting Media (Automation)- Ready to use mounting media in Xmatrx Infinity vial (200 tests) or RFID tagged Xmatrx Elite/Ultra vial (200 tests). 50 µl/test.


Counter Stains - Manual & Open System

Product 1 mL (RTU) 6 mL (RTU) 250 mL (RTU)
Hematoxylin, Mayer'sN/AHK100-5KHK100-9K

Mounting Media

Product 15 mL(RTU) Manual 50 mL (RTU) Manual 15 mL (RTU) XmatrxInfinity 15 mL (RTU) Xmatrx Elite
Aquaeous Mounting MediumHK099-5KN/AN/AN/A
SuperMount® Permanent Aqueous Mounting MediumHK079-5KHK079-7KN/AN/A
Xmount Mounting Medium (200 tests)N/AN/AHX035-10XN/A