eFISH Probes

For Manual & Xmatrx Infinity*

✓  Probes for 10 or 20 tests (10 µl/test) are ready to use (RTU) and supplied in 2 ml vials.


* Xmatrx Infinity vial holder for 2ml vials [XT126-24V] need to be purchased separately. 

Product 10 tests(RTU) 20 tests(RTU)
21q22 Probe FP099-10XFP099-20X
CEN 18 Probe FP098-10XFP098-20X
CEN X Probe FP100-10XFP100-20X
CEN X/Yq12 Dual Color Probe FP102-10XFP102-20X
CEN Yq12 Probe FP101-10XFP101-20X