Detection Systems

Biogenex Double Staining Polymer Detection Systems include per-optimized antibody cocktails and the Super Sensitive multiple detection systems. The Systems are designed with polymer technology and enables simultaneous IHC staining of multiple antigens on a single slide with a fast and easy protocol to deliver accurate and cost-effective diagnosis.

Double Staining Detection Systems

Product 60 tests - manual 500 tests - manual
Double Staining (αRabbit-AP/αMouse HRP)N/AQS400-YADEN/A
Double Staining (αRabbit-HRP/αMouse AP)N/AQS200-YADEN/A

IHC Substrates & Chromogens

Product 250 tests 500 tests
Elegance RedN/AHK144-5KE
New FuchsinN/AHK183-5KE
Two-component DABN/AN/A